Although I was born and raised in Texas, I consider myself an official New Yorker now that I’ve lived in NYC for over seven years. Living in the city has definitely helped me realize my artistic side and provided opportunities for me to grow.

My photographic journey started off as a simple hobby several years ago as the digital realm started taking over traditional methods. Eventually, I started taking classes on the side, joined some photo clubs that provided important feedback, and assisted established photographers on their shoots.  

Now, I’ve established my creative vision and use it to make my clients feel and look their best. I’ve added the title of “instructor” to my skill set as well. I teach monthly classes for Digital Photo Academy to students wanting to learn how to use the settings on their new cameras. Also, I’ve had some of my work (like the self-portrait below) displayed as fine art in a gallery in the swanky SoHo neighborhood of New York City. :D

I’m very appreciative of how my journey has gone so far and look forward to what’s in store for the future.


- Rafael





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New York, NY